RCG-515 – Counter Top Gas Heavy Duty Lava Rock Char Grill 152 x 71 cm

£1,560.00 incl. TAX
£1,300.00 excl. TAX

Designed for commercial kitchens, the Rotoquip RCG-515 gas
chargrill is an effective and flexible solution for getting great
cooking results. Create succulent dishes with a distinctive
chargrilled flavour and branded appearance with the heavy-duty
branding rod grids and innovative radiants that add just the right
level of flaring. The RCG-515 provides seven heat zones that
can form differing temperature on the same surface, allowing
you to cook chicken fillets, burgers, fish, lamb chops, peri peri
chicken, steaks, eggs and much more. Perfect for any busy
commercial kitchen, the chargrill has a variety of cooking tops

for all types of food

The RCG-515 is supplied as standard with 2 x 45cm (W)
branding rod grids, 30cm (W) flat griddle plate and 30cm
(W) open top for skewers. These can be removed or
changed for a variety of different types of cooking tops.
Please see below for all the optional extras. PICTURES ARE


Ease Of Use

The RCG-515 has seven individually operated gas thermostats
which provide power to a total of 28 rows of flames. The heat is
retained by a heavy duty steel mesh that holds the optional lava
rocks to provide an authentic char grill flavour. The simple
design of thermostat eliminates the use of flimsy pilot lights and

ignition rods, keeping maintenance costs down.

The RCG-515 can be used as an open top grill for skewers or
customised with a number of options such as branding rod
grids, cast iron grates and flat plate griddle. In addition, all these
cooking tops are removable / interchangeable by the end user

and can also be custom made to size.


The RCG-515 is constructed with heavy duty steel frame with
high temperature coating and covered in hygienic Stainless
steel removable cover. whilst the H-shaped burners are made

from heavy duty round tubes.
Easy To Clean

The RCG-515 features a lift off single piece stainless steel
cover without having to undo any fasteners. In addition to this
the tube burners can also be removed by simply lifting them up
without having to use any tools. Removable branding rod grids,
and debris collection drawers makes this unit so easy to clean

Safety Features

The RCG-515 features seven FFD (flame failure device) gas
thermostats with flame supervising heavy duty thermocouples
that cuts off gas supply when no flame is detected.


Rotoquip chargrills are available to be used on Natural Gas or
L.P.G. The cooking tops (branding rod grids, cast iron grates
and flat plate griddles) are all interchangeable and can be made
to size. This unit can be used on existing counter top or with an

optional stand.



Optional Extras
• Stainless steel frame, burners, mesh upgrade
• Removable stand on castors with bottom shelf

• branding rod grids (made to measure)
• cast iron grates 135mm wide (each)
• Flat plate griddle (made to size and thickness)
• Authentic lava rock (12.5 litre) bucket
• 6mm square skewer
• 8mm square skewer
• 10mm square skewer
• 12mm flat skewer
• 15mm flat skewer
• 20mm flat skewer
• Hose required – 2 x 3/4” BSP (Sold separately)

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