RD-30 DELUXE Automatic Rotating Gas Tandoori Roti/Nan oven 300 pcs/Hr

£3,298.80 incl. TAX
£2,749.00 excl. TAX

Rotoquip is proud to present it’s most innovative and latest design in automatic tandoori oven. Since it’s first invention over 25 years ago Rotoquip has strived to achieve higher quality standards in all aspects of it’s operation. Now with the latest RD-30 model launched in 2022 Rotoquip has set a benchmark in quality standards.

Some changes and improvements are as follows,

Complete stainless steel construction for easy cleaning
High temperature and hardened glass burner guard for clear view
Large stainless steel bezelled temperature gauge for easy operation
Collapsable legs to fit through the tightest kitchen space
Large ball bearing castors with brake for easy manoeuvrability
Removable drivetrain to carry out maintenance and repairs away from the machine
(Optional extra) digital speed controller
(Optional extra) non stick and rust free ceramic coated cooking disc


The RD-30 is capable of producing up to 300 pieces of roti / naan an hour. Designed for small takeaways and restaurants, RD-30 can accommodate 7 pieces of bread simultaneously. The desired end result is achieved using three individual gas controls and an electric motor speed control. An advanced replacement to standard tandoori clay oven, RD-30 is 50% more efficient on gas whilst being able to produce 40% more end product. Unlike standard clay oven, RD-30 takes skill work out of the equation and can be easily used by any member of kitchen staff. RD-30 is relied upon by thousands of clients to achieve high quality and consistent results worldwide, no matter the recipe.

Small footprint with high output makes RD-30 an invaluable equipment for any busy kitchen. Capable of baking Tandoori roti, naan, stuffed nan bread,Pitta bread, paratha, samosa pastry, Shami bread, aish baladi, balkan bread, pide bread, etli ekmek, ramazan pidesi, yufka, bazlama, samoon, naan-e-afghani and much more

5-7 minutes start-up time compared to 45 minutes in a standard clay oven. Once ready, simply place flat bread on the non stick disc which rotates the product in to the cooking chamber and exists back to the front where it can simply be taken off and served. Desired results can consistently be achieved with adjustable gas and speed controls. Colour and texture can be achieved for all types of bread.

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